The new frontier of education in the Third Millennium.

the bridge

The Bridge – TTMT SA company was founded in Poschiavo, in the canton of Grisons, Switzerland, in the Italian-speaking area of the Swiss state.

Its peculiar objective is to elaborate and develop content dedicated to school learning through “online training and distance tutoring”.

It currently employs a group of eight teachers who share their knowledge and know-how throughout the European Union and Switzerland.

Due to a linguistic affinity, the online training activity is primarily developed in the Italian area of Switzerland and Italy, ready to spread to all the European Union countries.

the bridge - the third millenium training
the bridge - the third millenium training

The Three-Dimensional Reading

This is a true awareness pathway aimed at adults from 18. Over the course, not only the Three-Dimensional Reading method is transmitted, but also the inner status and knowledge, the whys, the understanding of how the method works..

Change Your Life Academy

The educational experience dedicated to kids between 11 and 17 years of age aims to help them study in a practical, fun and fast way through the Three-Dimensional Reading technique.

EVRYDO Masterclass

EVRYDO Masterclass

EVRYDO Masterclass is a course aimed at university students that will help you prepare for 3 exams in 1 week. As well as teaching you memory techniques, study organisation techniques and mental and emotional preparation techniques, EVRYDO Masterclass will make you aware of your true potential and prepare you to get in touch with large Italian and foreign companies and work for them..

Comunicare con i bambini e i ragazzi

Relational Communication

There are many ways to communicate, and people usually tend to use the least effective method. In fact, many people talk to each other, thinking they are communicating, but they are actually only making monologues. The Relational Communication course aims to help participants communicate clearly, precisely, and in an oriented way in order to reach their goals.

Communicating with children and teenagers

Today it is increasingly difficult to communicate effectively with the young generations. Every day, children and teenagers are subjected to an acceleration in the fields of technology, lifestyle, fashion, etc., and the communication approach is greatly affected. Knowing the rules and laws of communication is fundamental for those educators who want to define themselves as incisive, competent, capable. Ensuring that your way and style of communication are understood, assimilated, and coherent with a language that changes at a frenetic pace is crucial for an educator.

Educating and communicating with children from 0 to 7 years of age

If we really want to help children develop their talents and grow up in a healthy way, it is essential to lead them to a balanced development on all 3 levels: physical, emotional and rational. This is the aim of the course “Educating and Communicating with Children from 0 to 7 years old”, a fundamental seminar for all educators, teachers and parents.

Professional Master Training

Professional Master Training

Professional Master Training is about sharing the experience of over 25 years of experience in the fields of Communication, Strategy, Business Organisation and much more. During the 6 training weekends each participant will be able to become a "professional of the third millennium", i.e. a person who will have acquired practical awareness and know-how in all areas of life.

Fisiognomica del corpo

Physiognomy of the body

There is an ancient discipline, known to the greatest masters of the past and rediscovered only in recent years, which shows the close relationship between the shape of the body, the emotional and mental states, the events and the history of every man unequivocally. This discipline is known as "Physiognomy of the Body" and states that the shapes of our bodies are the outward manifestation of how we are inward.

Chess: A school of strategy for life

The chess game represents the game of life and the moves you make on the board tell the story of who you are. Learn new strategies for your life with this thousand-year-old game!

The Meditation of Presence

Life today is about rushing about, a set of so many things to do, one after the other, without any pause, without presence. We are often bombarded by negative news. Everything around us emphasises the "minus" and the difficulties, and it is increasingly difficult to find and live in that Inner Place where everything is PEACE, SILENCE, JOY! Therefore, the Meditation of Presence can become one of the most important gifts you have ever given yourself, a great ally for your well-being and consequently those you meet every day.

ONISON Evolution School

The ONISON Evolution School is an online training school that aims to develop a state of objective self-awareness. The school is based on a rule given to all students and advises them to check all the information they receive and never do anything they do not understand the reason. Passive and even less fideistic acceptance of the contents is absolutely not contemplated; on the contrary, it is desirable that each student, from time to time, devotes time to personal research, verification and deepening of what is taught for their personal evolution.

the bridge - the third millenium training
the bridge - the third millenium training