The three-dimensional Reading

It’s a method that has been developed and improved in over 20 years of work.

The Three-dimensional Reading Method can help students and professionals to read and study a huge amount of text in a very short period of time.

Professional Master Training

The Professional Master Training is the course in which is concentrated the experience of over 25 years of work in the areas of Communication, Strategy, Corporate Organisation and more.

Self-knowledge through the body

“The body does not lie” …  it is actually true. The boundaries of the human body, the diaphragm between “Internal World” and “External World”, tell us our story, where we come from and the directions in which we are heading.


The three secrets of life

The goal of the “Three Secrets” course is to stimulate questions and to put forward answers on three great themes of life: Correct Word Usage, The Importance of Silence and The Magic of Forgiveness.

Relational Communication

When communicating with others, there are several ways to do this and usually it is used the least effective method. A lot of people actually talk to each other by thinking they are communicating, instead they are just making monologues.

PAI Path


In the Personal Coaching Path (P.A.I) the ideas that are inspired by the thought of Great Masters of the past like Socrates, Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei and other, are explored in depth.