The three secrets

For the development of one’s own essence

We often talk about “the pursuit  of the truth” and, moving outside and inside ourselves, looking for “the lost treasure”, we often find the concept of “a revealed truth”.

Following movement of the heart, this pursuit for the truth of life, it almost seems that there is someone, or something, that constantly, ever since the world exist, plays with all of us hide-and-seek. It seems to hide what is true behind small signs that everyone has to look for, to find and to understand.

Why all this?

Because life is a large container, a wonderful, extraordinary and useful opportunity to learn about the game of human existence. Yes, because this is a game. And, at the end, it is not what you gain in this life that you will take with you, it’s not how much you study what will be left of you. Your works will remain, what you will have achieved and what you have become NOW.

Having understood this, it’s worth pausing a moment, at least once in your life, to ask yourself what is the true meaning of our existence and even more “what am I doing exactly at this moment and why !?”

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Who is the teacher of the course?

The course teacher is Filippo Rossi who has been a Coach and Master Trainer for 25 years for great professionals who have taken advantage of his ideas, techniques and advices in order to improve the quality of their life, work or study.

He obtained all the national and international certifications in the various areas of communication (Neuro-linguistic programming NLP, S.D.P, I.N.A. ). He has been consultant in some of the most leading companies of the world.

For several years, he has been offering courses on communication, on developmental pedagogy,on human potential development and he works with young people coming from Schools of every order and degree with the aim of helping them to  become better men and women.


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