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Anna Conte

Graduated in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights from the University of Padua, Dr. Anna Conte is the first Lecturer of the Three-Dimensional Reading course.

Her continuous studies on the functioning of the human mind and the advanced learning methods have enabled her to achieve excellent results in her studies.

In fact, thanks to the Three-Dimensional Reading method, she managed to pass 10 exams in the 2017 summer exam session, then she was able to prepare for 8 exams in just one month in the February 2018 exam session, graduating on 21 March after preparing her thesis in less than a week.
Today, she helps hundreds and hundreds of students and professionals every year to master the Three-Dimensional Reading method to better prepare for their exams, competitions and masters.
Her dream is to pass on everything she has learned to children and young people of all ages so that they can become more aware of their abilities and talents.