Marchio the bridge

Our teachers

Filippo Rossi - Fondatore e docente the bridge

Filippo Rossi

For over 25 years, Dr Filippo Rossi has been a Coach and Master Trainer of reference for many professionals who have benefited from his ideas, techniques and advice to improve the quality of their lives...

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Sharon Rombaldoni - Docente the bridge

Sharon Rombaldoni

While cultivating her passion for contemporary expressive dance, in 2014 she graduated from the Liceo Scientifico e Musicale in Pesaro (Italy) and immediately began her research journey in the education and training field..

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Anna Conte - Docente the bridge

Anna Conte

Graduated in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights from the University of Padua, Anna Conte is the Tutor for the Three-Dimensional Reading course. Her continuous studies on the functioning of the human mind...

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