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Filippo Rossi

After graduating from high school with a scientific diploma, Dr. Rossi studied Medicine and Surgery in Padua and during his academic studies he obtained all the national and international certifications in the fields of Communication, Organisation and Business Strategy.

His training ranges from the study and application of NLP, Mental Dynamics, INA and SDP methods, DHE, Hypnosis, etc.

He devised the Accelerated Learning Method called “Three-Dimensional Reading“, sponsored by the UN University of Peace, a method that he proposes in Italy and Europe. He teaches the courses “Getting to Know Yourself Through the Body“. Furthermore, he collaborates with various teachers throughout Italy on the Project “Communicating with Children and Teengaers in the Third Millennium” and is the creator and manager of the “AND Academy” Project. Through AND Academy teachers from all over Europe compare, study and share the best learning methods and educational models, which will then be spread free of charge to schools all over the world.

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Filippo Rossi - Fondatore e docente the bridge