Marchio the bridge

Sharon Rombaldoni

While cultivating her passion for expressive contemporary dance, in 2014 she graduated from the Scientific High School in Pesaro (Italy) and immediately began her research in the education and training field.

She attends training courses in the artistic and professional field in the most important cities in Italy, trying to answer a very precise inner question: “what do I really want to do when I grow up?”. And it was precisely at that time that she met Filippo Rossi in Padua.


She attended his training courses, in particular the ONISON Consciousness Evolution School, and from that moment on, her life has been in constant evolution.

Sharon Rombaldoni has been teaching the Three-Dimensional Reading along with other disciplines as the “Meditation of Presence”, meeting hundreds of attendees every month. She has a very clear idea of what she wants to do: to dedicate her whole life to the “AND Academy” project for the development of a new educational model to be given to all teachers and young people of the third millennium.